Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 15 For Your Eye Only

image Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 15 For Your Eye Only

After being late for training, Spider-Man is faced against an evil super army called Zodiac, who took over the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and set it on self-destruct, and was confronted by the leader, Scorpio, who told Spider-Man that Nick Fury is dead. In disbelief, Spider-Man manages to escape by the vent, but was surprised as he was contacted by Nick, and later rescues him. The two entered the armory with new gears and fights their way through the Zodiac army were they confront Scorpio, with his Scorpio Key. Spider-Man to the key away from Scorpio, while Nick fought him, but was shocked when Scorpio’s identity was revealed to be his brother, Max Fury, as he escapes. Nick successfully stop the self-destruct sequence with Spider-Man developing a strong respect for him.